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    How to choose the right University in Pakistan 2023

    Students can compare Universities and Colleges in Pakistan to find the best institute with higher Global and Local HEC Ranking along with Academic scores and Faculty

    Table of Contents:

      Students these days are very selective while choosing a College or University and With more than 200 Universities in Pakistan it becomes very complex and tricky to select a right institute for your educational career. That is why we have come up with a unique and user-friendly UCT (University Comparison Tool) which you can use to find the best college for yourself in Pakistan. 

      How to Use UCT (University Comparison Tool)

      Here we have prepared a Step by Step guide about to use our UCT Software.

      Step 1

      First of all go to University Comparison Tool here

      Step 2

      Then in the second step, you have to select up to 3 desired Universities or Colleges from three Drop Down Lists where you want to take admission and to compare

      Step 3

      After selecting all three Institutes you will then have to click on the Compare button.

      After this, you will see a responsive and user-friendly comparison table along with the University or College name. In that table, you will see a comparison for following things

      • Global QS Ranking
      • HEC Ranking in Pakistan
      • Facilities they Provide

      and scores given by accreditation authorities respectively. By using this authentic comparison result you can better decide whether to take admission to your desired institute of not.