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Computer Science Courses and Degrees in Pakistan

There is no field left in this world where the computer is not being used, and when we talk about computers in a profession we need computer professionals. In Pakistan Software Development jobs are soaring because every company is opting for a Software Solution to speed up their business.

Some of the most trending Computer Courses in Pakistan are as below

  • BSCS
  • BSIT
  • MCS
  • MSCS
Duration - 3 Years

PhD in Computer

PhD in Computer Science is a dream of every student who belongs to IT and CS Background. Due to rapid growth in IT Industry and bundles of available opportunity.

Course Overview Not Available Right Now
5 Institutes are offering PhDC in Pakistan
Duration - 4

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

BSCE is a computer engineering degree designed to teach students about hardware and software of PC components.

Course Overview Not Available Right Now
2 Institutes are offering BSCE in Pakistan
Duration - 2 Months

Online Angular Development Course

Begin your Angular development journey with our expert-led online course in Pakistan. Learn at your own pace from seasoned software engineers, starting from the basics

Course Overview
Duration - 2 Months

Online C# Development Course

C# Dotnet online Course in Pakistan, Fee Structure, and a comprehensive roadmap to success in the field of Software Development

Course Overview
Duration - 2 Months

Database Management Course

Online SQL Course, Structured Query Language or SQL is a Language that you can use to manage various Database including MS SQL, MY SQL and Postgres.

Course Overview
Duration - 2 Years

Associate Degree In Computer Science

2 Years Associate Degree Program in Computer science is designed to teach students basics of Computer and IT

Course Overview Not Available Right Now
4 Institutes are offering ADCS in Pakistan
Duration - 2 Years

Master of Science in Software Engineering

MSSE is an acronym for Master of Science in Computer Science is a 2 year long M.Phil. Level course offered in various universities in Pakistan.

Course Overview Not Available Right Now
3 Institutes are offering MSSE in Pakistan
Duration - 2 Years

Intermediate in Computer Science

ICS in Pakistan is a 2 year long Intermediate Program that you can join right after Completing Matriculation. It is equivalent to 11th or 12th grades or first year and second year.

Course Overview
Duration - 2 Months

Blazor Web Development Course

Learn Blazor programming in Pakistan online, latest web framework by Microsoft, empowering developers to create interactive web applications using C# and HTML.

Course Overview
Duration - 4 Years

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Software engineering short for BSCS is one of the most enchanting career making field. Find Fee structure of different Universities offering BSCS along with Career Scope.

Course Overview Course Scope
23 Institutes are offering BSCS in Pakistan

Trending Courses in Pakistan

Explore following courses that are currently in Trending across Pakistan. Most students in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad are interested in these courses.

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