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Associate Degree Program in Pakistan, Should you do it?

An Associate Degree Program is a two-year undergraduate program announced by HEC that is awarded by colleges and universities right after secondary school or 12th grade.

Table of Contents:

    ADP stands for Associate Degree Program which is a four-semester or 2 years long program in Pakistan that is taken right after an intermediate or secondary school certificate. The associate degree program is awarded by different public and private colleges and universities around the country.

    What is an Associate Degree Program in Pakistan and its Level

    ADP is a post-intermediate academic degree that can be taken all over Pakistan after completing 12th grades such as FSc Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering, ICS, ICOM, and FA.  ADP is equivalent to a B.A/BSc level graduate degree that is currently being offered in almost every university, college, and academy in Pakistan.

    Why Associate Degree Program

    As per recent changes and announcement by HEC (Higher Education Commission of Pakistan) that 2 years’ bachelor's degree (BA) will be eradicated in favor of 4 years’ bachelor degrees. So, Associate Degree Program was introduced as a new addition in the Pakistani Education System to replace traditional and obsolete BA degrees because of the large young population in Pakistan that used to enroll in BA (Bachelor of Arts) that has a very low market reputation and value.

    ADP is inspired by The Community College Model that is successfully providing higher education in the USA, UK, and other developed nations with promising stable career growth.

    Associate Degree Program Scope in Pakistan

    ADP is skill-oriented and specially designed to prepare the young generation of Pakistan to learn practical knowledge of market tactics and practices in minimum time which will then help earl entry into a professional environment and also help fresh graduates to become entrepreneurs.

    Moreover, ADP will help Pakistan to produce a highly-skilled workforce as per the standards of the international community colleges model in a minimum time span.

    Difference between ADP and BS Four Year Degrees


    • As ADP (Associate Degree Program) is a two-year degree with 4 semesters
    • Helps you learn the basics of the selected field in less time hence you can start earning soon

    BS Four Year

    • BS Four Year Degree is an eight semester-long course
    • Its syllabus covers basics to advance information
    • Provides a job with a market competitive salary

    ADP Areas of Studies

    Following field of studies have been launched under Associate Degree Programs as per available infrastructure and equipment’s in the country

    • Mass Communication i.e., Specialization in Media Studies
    • Networking and Web Technologies
    • Specialization in Accounting and Finance
    • Fine Art i.e., Specialization in Textile Design, Graphics
    • Sports & Physical Education
    • Physical Therapy, Medical Lab Technology
    • Drama, Music and Studio Art

    ADP Subjects in Pakistan

    Subjects in Associate Degree depends on the area of study, for example, if you take admission in Social Science you will have to study following subjects.

    • Economics
    • Education
    • Entrepreneurship Education
    • Gender Studies
    • History
    • International Relations
    • Library & Information Science
    • Media Studies
    • Political Science
    • Psychology
    • Public Administration
    • Social Work
    • Sociology

    For Mathematics you will be studying the following Subjects in ADP

    • Calculus
    • Multivariable Calculus
    • Elements of Set Theory and Mathematical Logic
    • Basic Algebra
    • Operation Research
    • Number Theory

    In the future, more fields of study will be added to the ADP degree.

    Colleges and Universities offering Associate Degree Programs in Pakistan

    The recent announcement by HEC (Higher Education Commission) to eradicate BA (Bachelor of Arts) two-year degrees is forcing almost every institute in Pakistan to provide ADP courses.

    Following is the list of those institutes that are providing Associate Degree Programs in the above-mentioned fields

    • University of Gujrat
    • IBA (Institute of Business Administration)
    • Riphah International University in Islamabad
    • Punjab Group of Colleges
    • Superior Group of colleges
    • UMT (University of Management and Sciences)
    • University of Lahore
    • Government Colleges and Universities
    • University of Punjab
    • Sargodha University (University of Sargodha)

    Associate Degree Program Eligibility and Requirements

    Students willing to take admission in the Associate Degree Program must have Intermediate with at least 45% marks (DAE, A-Level, ICOM, ICS)

    Award of Associate Degree

    To be eligible for receiving Associate Degree it is compulsory for every student to complete at least 66 Sixty-Six credit hours along with a minimum CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of 2.00 out of 4.

    ADP Fee Structure in Pakistan

    Associate Degree Program is designed in a way to provide higher education to the maximum young population of Pakistan with a very reasonable and affordable fee structure.

    Government Universities and Colleges are offering ADP Courses from PKR 10,000 per semester to PKR 15,000.

    While in Private Colleges and Universities in Pakistan are offering Associate Degrees in PKR 20,000 per semester to PKR 35,000 per semester maximum.

    Online Associate Degree in Pakistan

    As in Pakistan Distance Education or Distance Learning is growing by two major Universities Allama Iqbal Open University and the Virtual University of Pakistan that are offering very affordable courses, are also offering ADP (Associate Degree Programs).

    Benefits of Online Degree

    • Receiving Books/Study Material at Door Step
    • No need to go to classrooms/campuses
    • Video Lectures
    • Online Workshops
    • Work and Study together (If you are already working and wants to earn a graduate degree you can join AIOU or VU)


    After learning about Associate Degree Programs in Pakistan you must have a question that should you take admission in ADP or not? Should you go for a 4 Year’s Bachelor Degree or a 2 Year Associate Degree? To answer these questions will be, it depends on individual person’s situation and willpower. ADP is a great initiative and will be very important not only for students but for the country in a long run.