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Graduate Meaning in Urdu

What is the Meaning of Graduate or Graduation in Urdu گریجوایٹ کا اردو میں کیا مطلب ہے ؟

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    Graduate word is written in Urdu as گریجوایٹ is a common word used in Educational Institutes and among students around the world. A Graduate can be described as an Alum, Former Student, or Degree Holder in Pakistan.

    The education we get after the Intermediate or Secondary School which could be Bachelors, Masters or M.Phil., is called Graduation in Pakistan. There are many programs that fall in Undergraduate, Graduate, and Postgraduate and a Person who completes any of these is called a Graduate.

    Urdu Meaning for Graduate

    کالج مکمل کرنے والا، فارغ التحصیل یا پھر کالج اور یونیورسٹی کی ڈگری مکمل کرنے والا

    Graduate Meaning in Punjabi

    ایسا طالب علم جہڑا کالج توں ڈگری مکمل کر چکیا ہووے

    Graduate Meaning in Pashto Language

    د کالج فارغ

    People in Western Countries call Graduate qualified in a short-term GRAD, Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and is spoken on a national level across Pakistan. The Urdu Language is a Mixture of languages and its origin is in Arabic Language with a Mixture of Words from Turkish, Arabic, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Hindi, and many more.

    Pakistani people are so sensitive to Urdu as their native language and are proud. Urdu is a clean, pure, and humble language with ethics, manners, and generosity. 

    How to use Graduate in Sentences

    The following table includes a couple of English Sentences where you can Graduate words with Urdu Translation.

    I am graduateمیں گریجویٹ ہوں۔
    I graduated from Quid-e-Azam Universityمیں نے اپنی گریجوایشن قائداعظم یونی ورسٹی سے کی ہے
    I have completed my Graduation in Computer Scienceمیں نے کمپیئوٹر سایئنس میں گریجوایشن کی ہے


    Urdu language speakers are not only in Pakistan but also in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America (USA). The total Number of people who speak Urdu is 69.72 Million as of the 2019 survey.

    Coming back to the definition of the word "'Graduate" as explained earlier is a person who completes courses that fall under Graduate and Postgraduate Programs, to find a useful course in Pakistan please use the following links.

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