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Best online Programming courses in Pakistan

Best quality online programming courses in all Pakistani cities including Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad with a minimum learning investment of PKR 60000.

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    2024 is the best year to learn Programming in Pakistan, with professional faculty it is easier than ever. You can learn Programming and Software Development with a minimum investment of PKR 60,000/-.

    Pakistan is witnessing an increasing demand for skilled developers well-versed in C#, .NET, MS SQL, JavaScript, Angular, and Blazor.

    To meet this demand, premium online programming courses have emerged, offering comprehensive training that caters to the industry's ever-evolving needs.

    Best Programming Courses

    Following are the Best programming technologies to learn in Pakistan

    • Blazor
    • Angular with Typescript and Javascript
    • MS SQL Database
    • API Development
    • .NET Development with C#

    What you can do after learning all these technologies, the short answer is pretty much everything.


    Website Development

    The cornerstone of modern web development lies in proficiency with JavaScript and frameworks like Angular. The two-month website development course in Pakistan offers an immersive experience, covering the essentials of web development.

    Participants delve into JavaScript and Typescript to create dynamic and interactive web pages, and they gain hands-on expertise in harnessing the power of the Angular framework. This program ensures a holistic understanding of front-end development, empowering individuals to meet the demands of the industry head-on.

    Scope of learning Website Development

    If you learn Website development you will be able to design and develop pretty much every type of Website such as

    • E-Commerce
    • Social Media
    • Portfolio

    MS SQL Database Administration

    Dive into the world of databases using MS SQL with a dedicated module in database administration. Over two months, participants will become adept at designing, implementing, and optimizing databases.

    The curriculum emphasizes industry best practices, preparing individuals for the challenges of managing data in real-world scenarios.

    Jobs after Learning MS SQL and Database Administration

    If you have completed the MS SQL Database Management course you can get plenty of jobs based on your Experience and Expertise such as

    • Database Administrator
    • Database Developer

    Software Development with C# .NET

    Unleash your potential as a software developer by mastering the latest and the greatest C# language and the .NET 8 Framework. This programming course in Pakistan provides an extensive curriculum that not only covers coding proficiency but also delves into software engineering principles like SOLID and OOP. 

    Graduates emerge with the ability to design and build scalable applications, meeting the high standards of modern software development.

    RESTful API Development

    In the era of web services, understanding RESTful API development is non-negotiable.

    This programming course in Pakistan recognizes this and includes a dedicated module on RESTful API development. Participants learn to design, implement, and consume APIs, gaining practical experience in creating scalable and interoperable web services.

    Angular and Single Page Application (SPA) Development

    Elevate your web development skills with a dedicated module on Angular and Single Page Application (SPA) development.

    Participants gain hands-on experience in creating dynamic and responsive web applications, positioning themselves as proficient developers in the current web development landscape using Typescript.

    The focus on SPA ensures graduates are well-prepared for the demands of today's user-centric web applications.

    What you can do by learning Angular

    Angular is a complete Frontend Web Framework that is used to develop every kind of Web Application such as

    • Web Based Software Apps
    • E-Commerce
    • Blogs
    • Portfolio

    Blazor .NET Development

    If you don't like Javascript or Typescript that you may have learned in Angular you can do Web Development using C# only in the latest Blazor Framework powered by .NET ecosystem.

    Stay at the forefront of innovation with a specialized module on Blazor, a cutting-edge framework in the .NET ecosystem.

    Participants learn to build interactive web applications using C#, seamlessly integrating Blazor with Dot NET. This forward-looking approach ensures graduates are equipped with skills that align with the latest trends in web development.

    Programmer Salaries in Pakistan

    Choosing to be a programmer is a respected decision that comes with well-paying job prospects. Experienced programmers enjoy attractive salaries, both in Pakistan and internationally.

    TechnologySalaries for Fresh ProgrammersSalaries for Experienced Programmers
    C# .NET / REST APIPKR 150,000 per month to USD 700PKR 250,000 per month to USD 1200
    Blazor .NETPKR 150,000 per month to USD 700PKR 250,000 per month to USD 1200
    AngularPKR 100,000 per month to USD 500PKR 200,000 per month to USD 1000
    MS SQL or DatabasePKR 150,000 per month to USD 600PKR 300,000 per month to USD 1500
    Website DeveloperPKR 180,000 per month to USD 800PKR 450,000 per month to USD 2000

    Faculty Expertise

    What sets these programming courses apart is the caliber of the faculty. Comprising working professionals actively engaged in significant freelance projects and multinational companies, the faculty brings real-world experience to the classroom.

    We offer head-to-head one student per session Classes, this way our teachers can pay great attention to your learning.

    This ensures that participants not only grasp theoretical concepts but also gain insights into the practical challenges and best practices prevalent in the industry.

    Course Details and Accessibility

    The premium programming courses are strategically offered in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, catering to aspiring developers across the country. Each course spans two months, providing an intensive and focused learning experience.

    Priced at PKR 60,000, these courses offer excellent value for a comprehensive programming education, making quality learning accessible to all.