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    Best University in Lahore for BSCS 2024

    Find out Which University in Lahore is best for BSCS or Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. A detailed comparison of 3 Private Universities UMT, UCP, The Superior College.

    Table of Contents:

      Do you live in Lahore and you are interested in taking Computer Science, Information Technology or Software Engineering but you are not sure which university to choose? We got you!

      Being 2nd most populous city in Pakistan and capital of Punjab, Lahore is fantastic place to live and study but it is very hard to choose right institute from a group of available Institutes. There are multiple Private and Government Funded Universities in Lahore offering BSCS, BSIT and BSSE.

      In this article we will compare Top 3 Private Universities of Lahore for these Top three courses with Quality of Research and Education, Faculty, Fee Structure, Facilities, International University Affiliation and Environment of the Institutes.

      Because it is not just Degree that you will receive, you will also get life lasting experience of personality building from that institute so it is always better to compare different options before making a decision.

      Quality of Education, Research and Faculty

      Quality of education in any University depends upon multiple factors such as Qualified Faculty Members, Student to Teacher Ratio and Alumni network. Following table compares UCP vs UMT vs SUPERIOR for Quality of Education and Research

      Journals PublishedUMT has published more than 20 Journals-Superior University has published 9 Journals so far
      Total Faculty700 Faculty Members602 Faculty Members509 Faculty Members
      PhD Faculty200 Plus Faculty Members hold PhD Degrees
      20 PhD Faculty MembersTotal 65 PhD Faculty Members in Superior
      International Faculty--10
      Student to Teacher Ratio25: 1 ratio24:1 ratio16:7
      Alumni Network22000+31000+17000+

      Fee Structure of Four-Year Computer Science Programs in UMT, UCP and Superior University

      Almost every student in Pakistan compare Fee of different educational institutes before taking admission and this is actually right because no one should pay hard earned money of their parents. Lets have look of Fee Structure for BSCS in Lahore Universities.


      BSCS (Bachelor of Science Computer Science)




      BSIT (Bachelor of Science Information Technology)




      BSSE (Bachelor of Science Software Engineering)





      Facilities and Accommodations at respective Campuses

      After paying hefty amount in Fees, you guys must know what facilities and accommodation these three Universities offer to their students.

      Computer LabYesYesYes
      Playing GroundNoYesYes
      Air-Conditioned Class RoomsYesYesYes
      Separate Rooms for Female StudentsNoNoYes
      Generator BackupYesYesYes
      Multimedia / ProjectorYesYesYes

      International Affiliation / Accreditation of UMT, UCP and SUPERIOR UNI

      • UMT does have international linkages with more than 60 plus institutes.
      • UCP has collaborations with more than 21 academic institutions around the world.
      • Superior University does have more than 100 international connections. They also offer International Exchange Programs and Industrial Collaborations. 

      Which University is best for BSCS in Lahore

      By Analysing above mentioned facts, figures and realities it is very easy to understand which University is best for Computer Science Degrees. If you are tight on budget but can compromise on Facilities and Quality of Education you can choose The Superior College which also known as Superior University and If you are more into Additional Facilities and Best Education you can choose University of Management Technology.

      Note: anything mentioned in above article is result of comparison with information found on Internet and Websites of related Institutes. These figures may change time to time and we do not take any responsibility of one's decision. Feel free to improve this article by filling Contact Us Form.